My name is Mandy Brasa and I am an artist producing original artwork in primarily acrylics on canvas medium. All my pieces are brush-work and solely done by myself. I let my intuition guide me, creating my own unique and recognizable art style. Some are done in an abstract figurative style with an image in mind and some in a style I recently created by tuning in to my intuition. It's more of a free-flow, not starting with an image in mind, like letting the brush or pen do it's own work. I find this mode of expression mysterious and exciting because the subjects and meanings reveal themselves in the finished piece.

I was born in Magdeburg, Germany and spent my formative years in what was then East Germany and was twelve when the wall came down in 1989 opening a much larger world of possibilities for me.

My passion about doing my art is to bring joyous expressions into peoples life's. The work is vibrant and
has a very organic flow. Some of my pieces are statement pieces with a common narrative, encouraging and enhancing life for all people.
The best feedback I have received is when a collector tells me how much an art piece has affected their life in a positive way. Nothing can be more satisfying to an artist than recieving this kind of feedback.

My artwork is exclusively available at BRASA Gallery in Laguna Beach and here at this website. Feel free to contact us for additional available pieces, sizes and prices. I am also available to create a custom piece for you in any size or color palette you might like.

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