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About the Artist

Mandy Brasa

Bold, contemporary, energetic and fresh. The Art of Mandy Brasa speaks for itself. All original and one of a kind,

each painting is created solely by the artist's hands. Her painting style is unique, often letting her subconscious guide her, she trusts the process with the subjects and meanings evolving through the interpretation of the finished piece

Mandy was born in East Germany and was twelve when the Berlin Wall came down. Although she had very little exposure to the art world and had no formal art education, she always displayed a talent for drawing.

Starting her professional life with a career in the Hospitality industry in Germany, she met her future partner while on vacation in Santa Cruz, California in 2003.

Shortly thereafter they moved to a small mountain community near Yosemite National Park, started a family and she began exploring creating larger format paintings in acrylic on canvas. Her signature style evolved to the point, that she and her partner decided to open BRASA Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA in the summer of 2020.

It was a challenging time to open a brand new gallery, the fact that it survived the lockdowns and restrictions of the global pandemic is a testament to the quality and originality of the art Mandy is bringing to the art community. Since the gallery has opened, her artwork has received respect and admiration of art lovers and collectors from around the world.

Her artistic passion is to bring interesting and meaningful expressions into people's lives. The work is vibrant, has an organic flow and is filled with stories and meanings that can be discovered by the viewer.

Free from formal art training, she feels she is able to tap into an unfettered source of inspiration, communicating her raw talent without undue influence.

Many collectors of her work have commented that the feeling her pieces bring to a room is positive, energetic and makes them feel good - it is doing something much more than being a casual decoration.

That feedback is an affirmation of her purpose for creating.

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